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Ward 6 for all!


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First let me say that I am so humbled by and thankful to the residents of Ward 6.  It is a sincere privilege to serve this community through elected government.  There were more than 600 votes in the Ward.  In the 20 years my wife and I have lived in Ward 6 this is the biggest voter turnout I have witnessed.  This was undoubtedly due to the variety of candidates that ran for this position.  Each brought their own ideas and that in turn brought residents out to vote.   


I appreciate and understand that the race was close.  I want to thank Mike, Ambroise and Raju for their efforts and collegiality throughout this race, it was an honor to be elected from this qualified pool of candidates.  I look forward to making Hillwood Manor, the Towers, The Overlook and New Hampshire Gardens feel like one big little place.  


I do know a fair bit about municipal government in Maryland. Believe me when I tell you that knowledge was hard won, and I plan to use all of it for the benefit of the residents of Ward 6 and the city of Takoma Park.  I promise to never make perfect the enemy of good - me and “better” will be close compatriots.  It is always my goal to serve Ward 6 for the benefit of all.


Donate or volunteer

 There are so many ways for you to help Jason's campaign. To volunteer or host a meet and greet email the campaign at To donate to the campaign scan the QR code to the right or Venmo @Douglas-OBrien-63167. Please note "Jason Small for Ward 6" in the memo. Alternatively, mail checks to Doug O'Brien, 1105 Merwood Ln, Takoma Park MD 20912 and note "Jason Small for Ward 6" on the memo line.   Thank you for your support!



My name is Jason Small, and I am running to be Ward 6’s representative on the Takoma Park City Council. My wife Jumana and I have lived in Ward 6 for 20 years. We used to have three beagles, and now we have two growing boys and a mutt from Puerto Rico that loves belly rubs and treats.

I grew up in central Illinois and came to the DC area after graduating from Yale Law School. I have spent my career working on fair and affordable housing, economic opportunity, and educational equity. I also served as the Town Administrator for Capitol Heights, Maryland for four years.

Growing up in the Midwest, I believed in the America I was told I would inherit. This place—Ward 6 in Takoma Park—is as close to what I thought that would mean when I was dreaming of a place to be fully me. I love living where anyone could be your neighbor, and where all are welcomed.

I care about the people on both sides of New Hampshire Avenue, who want safe streets and enjoy living in economically and socially diverse neighborhoods. I care about people who want vibrant civic spaces and value for their tax dollars. I am one of them.

I want all of Ward 6 to continue to be honestly and fairly represented, and I believe I can do that.


I believe in a Ward 6 that:

  • Has timely information & meaningful input on the Purple Line construction.

  • Centers community needs when considering transit- oriented development.

  • Is walkable, bike-friendly, & safe for pedestrians.

  • Participates in Takoma Park’s legacy as a sanctuary city.

  • Protects the affordable housing that we have; creates fair housing to meet community needs going forward.

  • Fights for a fair taxation for city residents with an easy to understand division of services and cost divisions between the city and the county.

  • Promotes innovative and accessible economic development, turning vacant properties into opportunities and encouraging local entrepreneurship.

  • Is proud of an expanded & revitalized recreation center in Ward 6, which serves as an anchoring point for community and resource to the city.

If you have any questions feel free to come to one of the public events or email me at


NOVEMBER 8, 2022

You can register to vote in Takoma Park elections any time up to and including the day of city elections on Tuesday, November 8th. All Takoma Park residents 16 and up are eligible to vote, regardless of their citizenship. For information on how to register see the city website.

Ward 6 for All!




I think Mr. Jason would be a good person for Takoma Park City Council position because he has lots of good leadership qualities and experience. For example, he is very demanding and gives good advice which could help our community a lot. He expects the best out of everyone and if they have trouble reaching their best he will help them if needed. He also has good experience because he is president of the New Hampshire Gardens Community Association which addresses different issues and topics in our community. He also wants to make sure everyone is involved no matter who they are, what they look like, or where they are from. He makes sure that everyone is involved by inviting the whole community to events like block parties and other events. 


Zavier Scott, 12, Ward 6

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